Our company engages in the creation and production of unique studio images personalized to satisfy your needs. From model portfolios, graduation pictures, family portraits to special effects. All our pictures are directly from the camera without alterations from software. My focus is to create images with a statement. The company engages in studio production, location photography, nature, architecture portrait and art in general. My clients are Ballroom dance competition organizers, models, real estate,family portraits, corporate clients, website developers and stock photography.


Our photography covers a multitude of events in a variety of fields. A national Orchid growers’ competition, gymnastics or equestrian competitions. Let us know how we can help you get the most of your event.


From a Flyer, a poster, a banner or a mural. We can assist in the concept or take your idea to the next level. We will create a picture that will be the front of your campaign. We engage in the production of high-quality digital images to meet your requirements. Webpage developers, book editors, local large and small businesses in need of printing images for their promotional materials or aspiring models looking to create their portfolio.  Complementing dance photography, the company engages in the creation of promotional images for banners, posters, flyers and any other digital image advertisement. We cover all the steps of the production, from the image to the printing/delivery of the final product.

Additionally, the company offers real estate agents services to promote real estate sales. 360-degree images and the best creative images of properties to motivate buyers and satisfy sellers.